The 2 hour session was very well thought out and activities were purposeful. I really like that they tie every single activity into the theme of the day and how they incorporate learning about colours throughout the session. Also, the parent journal segment at the end of class was very helpful in figuring out which activities Chace is more interested in and his overall progress.

Joy / Mother of 2.5 year old boy, Chase

Eehyun turned 23-month old last weekend. If we had not moved to Singapore I would have been back to work already and Eehyun must be going to Preschool by now. yet, life is not always like the way you planned it and here I am still as a stayhomemom taking care of Eehyun myself. Luckily, we found a very well-coordinated playgroup that has just started trial lessons. I loved the coziness of Centre42 and a little yard where the little ones sat around together sharing snacks. Hope we can make lots of good memories here @Homeschool until Eehyun is finally ready for seperation with mommy

Wunyoung / Mother of 23 month old Eehyun

Thanks much to the @homeschoolsingapore team for the fun-filled session for my energetic toddler today. Many good points but if we have to single out one, it would be the great energy from the facilitators. Highly recommended and we look forward to upcoming sessions.

Beatrize / Parent of 23 month old son

Tamara and I had such fun at a mom and babe Homeschool session on Wednesday. So happy to be finding something that she loves to do and is so much fun where she can learn so much through playing.

Delia / Mother of 2 year old Tamara