You’d have some questions in mind. We have attempted to answer some of them. If you do not find your answers, please do get in touch with us via email or our Facebook Page and we will be glad to assist you further.


If my child is below 18 months or above 3 years, can he/she still attend these classes?
Every child is different. If you feel your child is slightly younger but is attentive and keen to explore, we say, why not. If your child is slightly above 3 and is keen to be a part of the various activities we have, he/she is welcome too. The activities are age appropriate. It is only the outcome which will differ.  The most important thing is that the child enjoys the class.
What happens if I am unable to attend a lesson I have paid for?

Schools charge on a termly or monthly basis. You will not be refunded for lessons missed due to illness or travel. We ask you to only commit to a lesson you are able to attend. A medical certificate must be provided in the case that you cannot and you will have an option to make up for it within the week at the same or different location. As we need to prepare materials and limit the number of participants, we seek your understanding that no refunds will be given.

Can I pay for a lesson on the day of the class?
Advance payment must be made to allow a confirmation.
Can I bring a friend to the lesson?
We prepare the material for the class according to the number of participants. We also need to balance a good facilitator and parent/child ratio. In order for the class to run smoothly, we would appreciate a notice. Do give us a call in the case of time constraints.
If I am unable to attend that lesson, can I send someone else with my child?
Our curriculum serves to benefit the children. Any responsible adult is welcome to accompany. While we encourage parents to participate, we understand if they work full time and need to send a grandparent or helper instead. They are welcome. Please note that there is a journaling aspect to this class which is not compulsory but encouraged. Let us know if the accompanying person needs our guidance. We will be happy to help.
What happens with the journals I write?
With each class you attend, you will have an additional note to file that will make the journal. You will be able to monitor your childs progress and accomplishments over the lessons.
If I have more than one child, do I get a discount?
We are Singaporeans who love discounts. We will want to extend the same to our patrons.
Is 2 hours too long for a toddler?
All children have different attention spans. Preschools have lessons over 3 hours. These 2 hours may work as a good gauge for you to see if your child is ready for a 3 hour curriculum. We have cut out all the unnecessary breaks to give this programme quality instead of quantity.
How do I know if HomeSchool is for my child?
Every parent wants the best for their child. Our programme is for you if

  • you like to be involved in your child’s education process
  • you like the idea of not having to commit and not having to pay for classes you may miss
  • you feel that “education” can be achieved through socialisation, play and other fun activities
  • you feel that the journey or process is more important than an end product


Can I attend a trial class?
Absolutely. Your child’s friends are welcome to attend a trial class too.
What should I bring to the class?
Depending on the theme of the class, we may have our hands (and clothes) dirty! In case of a messy activity it would be best to dress your child in clothes that you don’t mind them getting dirty in. A fresh pair of clothes and a small towel would be necessary. Also a small and easy snack (fruit works best!) and water.
How many sessions can I attend in a week?
Depending on how many sessions are available at the particular location, you can attend as many as you like. Each session will cover new areas of knowledge.