About Us

Who we are

A team of dedicated teachers who strongly believe in the importance of the journey and process of education. Individuals who understand the need for qualitative education which can be achieved through drama. We are parents, who want to make it work, and make it worthwhile for other parents and their young ones.

The only teachers assigned to a HomeSchool programme are those who are endorsed to deliver arts and drama education programmes to early learners.


What we do

The modules are arts based. We engage the children through innovative and interactive drama activities. Our activities are sensorial, and include music and movement to promote various skills. Numeracy, language and motor skills are developed through experiential learning.

What is special

Our innovative ‘Parent Involved Education’ (PIE) system encourages parent-child bonding. It allows parents to view the progress of their child by documenting and journaling through resources which are provided. It will allow you to view your child’s educational growth and understand their style of learning so you can render your support to them where necessary. 
A regular preschool/programme charges a monthly/termly fee. We want to take the pressure off you. You pay for our class each time you choose to attend. This way, your money doesn’t go to waste if your child is ill or if you are travelling. As parents ourselves, we want to give you convenience while putting your child on par with quality school curriculum. Our sessions are of a 1.5 hour duration. We like to focus on quality. Not quantity.