Parenting plays an important role in a child’s development and parents leave a deep impact on their children’s life. A child’s personality and temperament is largely depended on the way they are brought up. Children are like white papers on which parents write their future. The destiny of children is totally depended on the parenting they receive in their early childhood.

As your child is a divine blessing for you, you need to provide better parenting to your child to make their future bright and success. Whatever you teach your child in their childhood, it will have a strong impact in their future life. It depends on yourself that whether you make your child a leader or a follower. They will become what you will try to make them. Below you can 5 effective tips which you can follow in your effective parenting:

1. Don’t React Angrily:

You shouldn’t react angrily on the mistakes your child does. Rather you should take a pause and correct the child in a lovely manner.

2. Disciplined:

The more you remain disciplined in front of your child, the more they will remain in return. Your child will learn more with what you do in front of them than what you teach.

3. Minimize Their Electronic Entertainment:

Though it is necessary to learn about the latest technologies working in the world, a child between 2 to 4 years should not be given access to electronic entertainment in excessive manner. You should engage the child in different experiential learning activities.

4. Teach Not Punish:

There is difference between teaching and punishment. You should teach your child to do the rights things rather punishing them for their wrong doings.

5. Remain Consistent:

Consistency is also an important part in parenting. You should remain consistent in your disciplinary actions and whatever you teach to your child.

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents – Jane D. Hull

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