For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them – Aristotle

Experiential learning allows a child to learn different things by experiencing them. In this type of learning, teachers engage children in different activities and programmes and increase their eagerness and excitement through them. Also, through experiential learning, a child learns to observe, realise, explore, and experience the real world in a useful manner.

Today, there is indeed a great importance of experiential learning as it helps a child to deal with real-life situations. Children not only learn to accelerate their learning but also find various opportunities to show their own creativity in meaningful activities dramas, arts, and others. This learning type builds excitement and engagement in children and by getting engaged in a particular activity, they give their best.

In experiential learning, a teacher doesn’t teach children just that 2+2 makes 4 rather the teacher engages the children in different activities like how many toys they have, how many biscuits are there, etc. It’s one of the common problems of traditional or normal schooling that children there face difficulties in dealing with subjects like mathematics, science, and others. This is not the case with experiential learning since in this type of learning, children deeply go through practical uses of mathematics, and science and all other relevant subjects. The practical uses make children to have in-depth knowledge of everything and they understand these things better than those who are only taught in a theoretical way.

It is important for your child to get experiential learning since this type of learning makes a child to understand “rights” and “wrongs” about a particular activity. When children get involved in an activity, they learn that what can lead them to failure and what practices can lead them towards success.

Thus, you cannot ignore the importance of experiential learning in today’s world. The world is moving fast and your child can only go side by side with the world if the child learns things in an experiential way. As Albert Einstein said,

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”

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