Arts in education is one of the valuable curriculum activities which are acquired for better development of a child. There has been importance of arts in the education process since the time of Plato. Those who study about learning processes always emphasise the importance of arts in education. A child adopts diverse abilities by getting education through arts and these abilities help the child in future accomplishments. The following 5 points about what a child learns from this kind of education highlight the importance of arts in Education effectively.


It is something that each child must possess. Arts in education can help a child to become creative and think creatively. In arts programs, the child will be asked to create a painting, recite dialogues, compose music, and different other useful activities. The child will become able to think “out of the box” through these useful activities.

Decision Making

Arts in education helps a child to strengthen decision making and critical-thinking skills. In the course of this particular process of education, the child can learn how to think, explore, experiment, and take effective decisions.

Observational Skills

A child learns to observe the environment and people through learning arts in education. Being able to observe others’ attitude, moods, and feelings can really help the child to act accordingly.


One of the many skills developed through leaning arts in education is confidence. A child can gain confidence by performing on stage in front of huge audience and this confidence can make the child lead the world.

Problem Solving

A child learns how to solve problems through different problem solving skills taught in education through arts. These skills can really help in all the aspects of life and in getting success in any career.

Consequently, arts in education is an integral part of a child’s growth and development. Today, the occasional and random practices of education are not such constructive than acquiring arts for education. The Interactive activities taught through arts can really make a child to conquer all the phases of life.

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