Drama has been a part of learning and education since the time of Aristotle. Aristotle came up with effective theories in support of the use of drama for education and learning purposes. He believed that drama helps in releasing emotions and to live a real life. There are various features through which it can be ascertained that drama helps in bringing qualitative education for children. Some of the features are given below:

Drama Helps a Child in Dealing with Life’s Problems

Since drama is a part of real life and whatever is portrayed in it, deals with aspects of a real life. It can develop potential skills in children to deal with their respective problems. It’s really important to make children strong and problem solver from their childhood as it makes them strong to deal with the problems of their upcoming life.

It Develops Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

The use of facial expressions, body language, gestures, postures, and through performing different roles, a child can effectively learn verbal and non-verbal communication. Through this learning, children not only learn to control emotions and feelings but also develop problem solving skills.

It Increases Concentration

A child learns to concentrate and focus through performing different drama activities. When children are actively involved in any activity, they learn best to concentrate and to remain engaged in a particular activity. This leads them to consistency and consistency is essential for success.

It Leads to Aesthetic Development

Drama increases children’s sensory awareness. They also learn various learning strategies through different characters they perform during drama and through dialogues they deliver.

It Builds Cooperative Skills

No matter what phase of life One is in, working together helps us in all the phases of our life whether childhood, young, or old. It’s really great to have children working and performing together in dramas and developing social awareness in them.

Consequently, Dramatic Plays play an important role in a child’s life and education both. Children are born with creative skills and you just need to encourage them to show their talent. Also, the use of drama in education develops some distinctive qualities in them which make them successful in their future life.



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