Many a times we have heard someone say that all so familiar line, “They grow so fast”! True enough, our babies become infants and with the blink of an eye, toddlers. Our toddlers look up to us as role models. There is no better teacher than a parent. That is why our HomeSchool classes are so special. You bond with your child while allowing them their space to learn and grow. You stick around to build their confidence and self-esteem so that they can brace themselves as they head to school. You need a break. They need you. Here is a poem we found and absolutely love because it reminds us so well, the time is now.

I won’t always cry, Mummy, when you leave the room.

And my supermarket tantrums will end all too soon.

I won’t always wake, Daddy, for cuddles through the night.

And one day you will miss having a chocolate face to wipe.

You won’t always wake to find my foot is kicking you out of bed,

or find me sideways on your pillow where you want to lay your head.

You won’t always have to carry me in asleep from the car.

Or piggy back me down the road when my little legs can’t walk that far.

So cherish every cuddle remember them all, because,

ONE day, Mummy, I won’t be this small.

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