A parent asked us a question. Then another parent had the same query. I know this is a parent accompanied programme but I have to go to work. I’d like my toddler to participate in your classes but I don’t have that sort of leave to take. We appreciate and respect them, and ask them to send a trusted person in their place. This could be a grandparent, helper or a nanny. More than we think, most parents want to be involved in their child’s education. They realize that in this competitive world, their precious being needs a very important education – one that goes beyond books. We feel honored when they feel they can turn to us to accomplish that on their behalf.

There is learning and discovery in running amock. There is knowledge in play. There is information available in gibberish conversations with fellow 2 year olds.

Children and especially toddlers, need a guide who can egg their curiosity. Someone, who can let them learn through activities that are exciting. A mentor, who can sow a seed that will sprout a love for learning. We attempt to do that in our classes and we are thrilled that parents appreciate our curriculum as much as they have appreciated our teachers. Week 2 of trial classes begins shortly and to give you a hint, it’s going to be a “bear-y” good week ahead!

*We seek your understanding that to cancel a scheduled class, a 24 hour notice is essential. To make the lesson enjoyable and beneficial for all, we keep our class size small. Once the quota is met, parents who are keen and were not able to secure a spot are put on a wait list. Should any parent cancel with a 24 hour notice, we are able to offer that spot to another parent/child.

*If a notice of the minimum specified duration is NOT given, the lesson will be considered redeemed. We seek your understanding that we ask for minimal commitment of 24 hrs advance notice and that there will strictly be no refunds.

*Should a class be cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, parents will be able to reschedule a class with their child within the same week or within (3) working days.

*In the event you need to travel, a notice must be given so we are able to put the package on hold.

*The maximum duration a package can be put on hold is 2 weeks. Each package can only accommodate one travel notice.

*Sharing of packages is not allowed

*Attendance at class is based on a one child to one parent/caregiver ratio.

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