Rainbow fish, swimming in the sea, won’t you give one scale to me? This was the verse we repeated throughout as we enacted and animated the story, The Rainbow Fish. The children listened intently and looked forward to know what happened in the end.

You could see the delight on the faces of parents and children alike as they created their own rainbow fishes!

True to Reggio Emilia Style, the parents activitely participated with their children not only through craft but even movement when we swam through the ocean, pretending to be different sea creatures. Creating bubbling sounds and the very squeal of the children created a fun learning environment. Children are happiest to learn in the company of their parents who make an excellent role model and mentor. The activities allow parents and their child to bond. 2 hours of learning through play which for us makes a successful day!


The highlight for the children was the sensory activity where they splashed around and caught colourful (toy) fishes with their nets and buckets!

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