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Theatre can teach your child various meaningful and learning skills. A child learns many artistic and development skills from theatre and if a child gets accustomed to the theatre at their early age, it leaves meaningful effects on the child. The 5 top most meaningful and potential effects which theatre leaves are given as below: […]

Parenting plays an important role in a child’s development and parents leave a deep impact on their children’s life. A child’s personality and temperament are largely depended on the way they are brought up. Children are like white papers on which parents write their future. The destiny of children is totally depended on the parenting […]

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them – Aristotle Experiential learning allows a child to learn different things by experiencing them. In this type of learning, teachers engage children in different activities and programmes and increase their eagerness and excitement through them. Also, through experiential […]

Drama is one of the more effective and significant models of learning for children. Children learn many innovative skills through drama and learn to deal with their individual and social problems. Drama method of education teaches children to explore different situations and children get great knowledge and experience from it. In education, Drama is a […]

A teacher and parent are partners who make a child’s future together. Effective communication between a child’s parents and teachers can positively affect the academic performances of the child. A child spends their childhood learning from teachers and parents and both parties influence the study and behavior of the child. In parent-teacher interviews, both parties […]

Arts in education is one of the valuable curriculum activities which are acquired for better development of a child. There has been importance of arts in the education process since the time of Plato. Those who study about learning processes always emphasise the importance of arts in education. A child adopts diverse abilities by getting […]